In the Path of the Middle East

Recently Erdogan government, i.e. AK Party conducted a referendum. This was an attempt to undermine the democratic principles and marching towards dictatorship which is quite popular in the region countries. In this referendum parliamentary democracy replaced with a powerful executive presidency. The director of the Ankara office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States Ozgur Unluhisarcikli said that Mr. Erdogan’s victory “will enhance the stability of the government, but it will weaken social stability”. The American and European values are spreading to the world in order to make this global world developed. On the other hand, some realist thinkers, politicians, and other people believe that this is another game of Europe and the USA. Therefore, they go against it with all their force. Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Belarus and other countries keep their absolute authority in the country. This attempt and eager for power is not a new thing. From the beginning of mankind, people feel hungry for power.

You can ask why a person is ardent to get power. If he or she has a stable salary, home, car or other affluence why they need authority? Answering to the question may seem hard but if we dive into the core of the question and probe it with examples then it can obvious for us to understand. If we can imagine the world as a jungle and people as an animal which is in fact animals, then we also need to imagine how they get a meal. They fight with each other in order to get the biggest meat. When one of them get the victory he or she gets more meat. After getting the meat the weak ones also wants a little one. Therefore they ask humbly some meat in order to survive. But free cheese can only be in an ambush. The victorious one orders the feeble one to do his commands. Then he lets them get some meat. This is how hierarchy begins. Then the powerful animal demands everything and the weak animals defend him because they believe if they lose the leader they can be hungry. The powerful one tries to give this power to his descendants in order to die peacefully believing that his legacy will be preserved. I call it kind of disorder. This disorder also linked to the character of the person too.f21e0f40dd30dd8a5ba7d74e1e0b68b2

When the weak ones became intelligent, they also created some devices for their leader and commenced demanding their rights. If their leaders deny their requests then they ask help from other powerful authorities contributing their mind for them. But when leaders agree with its people he or she preserve the power that comes from people. There begins democracy. The authority of a leader becomes limited. There begins a normal, civilized authority. Now, not the leader caught prey, but all people work together in order to get the prey and divide it in their home.

However, some people want to change the historical procedure and keep their power on their hand not giving anyone right to demand. He himself will catch the prey and eat it. But if there can be a fight with another one he will call his people to help. That is not faithful. Some of the clever ones understand it and flee from the group which is a migration of genius people to the Europe or the USA. Others with blind minds believe their leader.

However, there was a government which gave the power to its people in order to become powerful. American illuminates gave the light to their people. They helped them to make a business, get money, become rich, literally get the prey themselves. You can ask a question is the American authorities so naive that they gave the power and believe in democracy? or was that Roman thinkers naive that they created the so-called ideology “power of people”? Nope, They were not naive, on the other hand, they were so-so clever people. Because if you want an everlasting power then you should share a little amount of it with your people. The people then will always secure the power that you possess. You should give shelter to your people, meal, heat in order to help them to think for you, create for you and win for you. The USA embrace all the world thinkers, scholars, doctors, erudite not because they love them, but because they need them. Ther beautiful words from Margaret Thatcher once again tells the power of the USA government that Europe was created by history. America was created by a philosophy. Today all the powerful authorities should think about this quote and should rule their country not from a historical view, but with the philosophical mind.

President Erdogan has an aim to re-create Ottoman Empire again but the historical vestige can be a burden for their own future. It is the time of philosophy. It is the time of thinking about great deeds which will bring peace upon their people and others. Getting so much prey can secure the future of their armchairs, but if you can not feed your people in the future, then they will eat you as a prey!


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