“Holocaust only in Europe? Not exactly…”

Make Hummus not War

Just assume that being Jew was the same being “not a human” for the Nazi Empire. Could you imagine how many people had died during the WWII? I am pretty sure that you do not have any clue about the exact amount and it is not possible to count them. But I would like to draw attention and touch some sensitive and emotional things that happened during WWII. Holocaust, it is an unbelievable tragedy of the human nation. Just take a second and think that because of being a Jew, people are killing you. Now I will talk to you a bit the Holocaust testimony memories of one old woman who suffered from Holocaust.

Her name is Shoshanna Lehrer. She was one of the victims of the Holocaust. I was attending one event in which was organized by the university stuff (Israel) about Holocaust survivors’ memories. This old woman was…

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